Use this Cookbook as a fundraiser for your church or club!  Get the Details

 ~Timeless Treasures Cookbook has over 1,100 recipes 

on more than 770 pages!~

         Ideas for Who would want the Timeless Treasures Cookbook -   

the Day care provider for children, Care giver for the elderly, 

        the Housekeeper, the Manicurist, your Hairdresser, 

                your Doctor, the Baby sitter,  the Curves Ladies, the Women from your club, 

                       Teachers, Principals, School bus drivers, Scout leaders and helpers, 

                                People at work, the Boss, Secretary, Co-workers, 

                                    Secret angel gifts, BSF leader, Bible study ladies, 

                                            the Pastor's wife,  your Prayer partner, 

                                                    the Bachelor or Bachelorette 

Your Neighbors,  the Shut-in   

    Your Relatives out of state (Postal Service postage for Books is Much Cheaper!) 

            Your Friends out of state 

                    your Children, Grand children, 

                            your Mother, Sister, Father, Brother, In-Laws, .... 

For Birthdays, Anniversaries, Weddings, Mother's Day, 

    For Valentine's Day (Great Truffle and Deep Chocolate Fudge recipes!!) 

            For Graduation Day,  For a New Home, For a New Baby, For Any Milestone!  

It's a great conversation piece!  

        Leave it on your coffee table, 

                Put it in your office waiting room, 

                        Read it in the car in-between carpool shuttles!  


The list for giving it and using it is endless ...... and why?  Because it is a Medicinal Book.

Timeless Treasures has words of Wisdom, Comfort, Hope and Joy.  

        Timeless Treasures encourages the Reader in their daily life.  

Timeless Treasures offers "Conversation" with the Writers.

TT gives Encouragement and Hope for Hospitality with Others. 

TT  Instructs in Cooking and gives "Health tips" as well! 


Everyone can benefit from Timeless Treasures!

        People who Read, People who Eat.

                People who Cook, People who do not know how to cook Yet!   

                       People who are Sad, People whose lives are Full.  

Each person can find Food for their mind, body and spirit in Timeless Treasures!  

  Timeless Treasures really speaks miles of kindness!     

The Details for using Timeless Treasures as a fundraiser for your church or club!  

        With any order of 150 cookbooks or more, you can purchase each Timeless Treasures Cookbook for $15 and sell each one for $20 to $25.  That is clear profit for your church or club.  But more importantly, you will put this book into more hands and homes where people can make the wonderful tried and true recipes and read the timeless Word of God for their encouragement for their daily lives!   

    How do I do this?  Just fill out the form and order 150 cookbooks or more.  Shipping is an additional cost that depends upon the size of your order and how soon you want it.  Generally, shipping costs about $25 for an order of 12 Timeless Treasures Cookbooks for the UPS 3 day service.  

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