Just some of the recipes found in Timeless Treasures 

All in all, more than 1,100 recipes.  Some Award winners, Blue Ribbons, Chef dishes, Legacies, International and Hometown. 

Timeless Treasures Cookbook has over 770 pages!

The categories and types are listed below. 

        A billion (well, a little less) APPETIZERS: escargot, liver pate', unusual and easy dips, cheese balls, spreads, quiches, pizzas, salsas, pastry wrapped cheeses, meats, and more!

        Soups, salads, sauces and gravies of every invention and creativity!  Cream soups, chowders, crock-pot stews, bean, noodles, etc.  Salads with lettuce or without, fruit & nuts or none, meat or none, ambrosia and more!  Naturally pasta, potato, and egg salads, too.  Sauces from Hollandaise & Béarnaise, to turkey gravies and fruit 

        Many breads, rolls and pastries of every grain, flavor, seed, fruit and nut along with Irish soda bread, garlic Bread, blintzes, pancakes, ...   

        Main dishes like deer bologna & jerky, pizza, stromboli, quiches, and meals for barbeques .  Wonderful recipes for veal, pork, beef and chicken.  Great recipes for crabmeat, salmon, white fish, oysters, scallops, etc.  Greek Mousaka & Spinach pie, Italian tomato sauces, Pesto, Alfredo, etc.  Recipes from China, India, Italy, Greece, Poland, France, Germany, Korea, Egypt, Ireland, England, and the USA are just some of the countries represented.  

        Vegetables and side dishes number in the hundreds. All tried and true!! From the common that taste uncommonly great! To the recipes you always wished you had but now you can make them!    

        Cakes, cookies, bars, pies, cobblers, sauces, fudges, truffles, candies, and soooo much more!  This is our second largest category after main dishes.  Something for everyone's weight, taste and inclination!   

        Beverages for cold days, for hot days, for lazy days and festive days!  

        Non-edible recipes like play dough, slime, sidewalk chalk, cleaning solutions, doggie biscuits, ... ! 

And all in one book!  Incredible!  

... but that's not all!!  Now comes the best part!

(No, the Ginsu knife is not included.- It's not child safe.) 

        Under many of the recipes are Notes from the Contributor that tell a story, idea or cooking tip.  They give you a clue, by their warmth, of the person who contributed the recipe, and of their family, too!   

        Additionally, on the bottom of most pages are what they call "fillers".  There are Hospitality hints, Health conscious ideas, and Words of encouragement, hope and joy from the Bible and other people.  

        And at the end of the book are ads and simple & personal Words of Blessing from the people of AACS.  

Well, are you ready to get it yet?  

Need more encouragement?  This cookbook gives needed funds for the Middle School library and Lower and High schools enrichment programs.  It IS a FundRaiser.  Now you can be generous to AACS and to the one to whom you are giving the cookbook!  It is a win-win decision!  

    So go ahead, be generous and frugal at the same time!  For $20 you can give a Ton of a present!  Ok, bring me to the Form for purchasing the Timeless Treasures Cookbook

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What People are Saying about Timeless Treasures

Consider using Timeless Treasures as a fundraiser 

for your church or club!

        With any purchase of 150 or more Timeless Treasures Cookbooks, the cost is $18 each plus shipping.  You can sell it for $23 or $25 making a clear profit for your church or club.  But more importantly, you will put this book into more hands and homes where people can make the wonderful tried and true recipes and read the timeless Word of God for their encouragement in their daily lives!   

    I would like to see the cover of Timeless Treasures.    Timeless Treasures has  laminated front and back covers.  Its binding allows it to lay conveniently flat while cooking.  The large print is great for those of us who could use all the help we can get.  Get yours today!  

How this cookbook got started

A Personal Note -         As chairperson, my motivation for this cookbook was three fold.  First, I would love to have a collection of all of those great foods which we have tasted over the years.  Second, I would like to help in leaving a legacy that would outlast my family's tenure here.  Thirdly, I would like to see AACS extend our hospitality, faith, and love beyond our campuses in a tangible way for God's Glory alone.  Please join us in helping with this fabulous opportunity!

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Who would want this Book? 

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