Please note the price may have changed since these letters were written. 

                                        Change of Location!                                             May 2013 

                We've just transferred the Timeless Treasures Cookbook's location to the AACS High School Bookstore in Severn, MD! Be sure to pick up your copy here! And for fabulous gifts to others too! 

                Due to the limited supply of cookbooks until our next re-order, all profits will go to the High School teacher's spiritual enrichment programs under Eric Hansen.  These programs refresh, rejuvenate and enable our faculty to better serve our students Biblically for their daily lives and future. It is our goal to be empowered with the Word of God by the Holy Spirit so that our students and their families will also be. Our utmost desire is for the Lord Jesus Christ to mature us all while bringing many more to salvation and maturation in the Lord Jesus Christ.  ~ Crystal Bowers 

Come One, Come All!                                        November 2006

               Our AACS fundraiser, Timeless Treasures Cookbook is on sale again this year.  Still in high demand, we sold over 800 cookbooks within three months last year, and the $4800+ profit went to the three campuses and a re-order!   Please pick up your Timeless Treasures Cookbook at any school campus office for your Thanksgiving and Christmas gifts.  It’s only $20. 

              For those who are new, Timeless Treasures has over 1,100 recipes on more than 770 pages! You’ll find award winners, Blue Ribbons, Chef Dishes, Family Legacies, International and Hometown Favorites, easy and challenging recipes.  But what makes the Timeless Treasures a True Treasure are the Bible verses and words of comfort, wisdom and love woven on the pages.   

One comment - How ever do I thank you!!? ...  will last long enough to lead me through all the words of love so beautifully chosen (see page 274 for a great example).  Even if I don't ever get that far, I'll know it's there ...God’s promise of help.  Whenever and wherever it is needed.   Thank you.... forever.  …  Thank you again for that grand book.  It is really is A Timeless Treasure. Love, Ginny 

              Timeless Treasures Cookbook makes a great gift, extraordinary stocking stuffer,  and a thoughtful present to friends near and far, as well as pastor’s wives, hairdressers, and office co-workers!  It’s only $20.00 with the funds going to AACS. 

If your church would like to use this book as a fundraiser, please write to us at the mailing address, attention Cookbook.  

  Have a most blessed Christmas as we celebrate God’s Truly Timeless Treasure, the Gift of His Son, Jesus Christ!  

  Merry Christmas!  Crystal Bowers

Thanks be to God for His indescribable Gift! 2 Corinthians 9:15


Dear AACS Family and Friends,                                                     January 20, 2006 

          Thank you for helping to make the Timeless Treasures Cookbook such a great success.  The AACS Cookbook cleared a profit before Christmas vacation.  By January 5th we fully paid off the bill to the publisher and gave our three campuses almost $2000 for their specific needs.  Today we have an additional one half of that amount to distribute!    

           Currently the Timeless Treasures Cookbook has gone to CA, CO, DE, FL, MA, ME, MD, MI, NC, NJ, NY, OH, PA, UT, VA, WV, and …?  Please let us know of other destinations we can add to our roster.  The Christian Bookshop of Annapolis, which placed our cookbook on their “best sellers” shelf, sold out of Timeless Treasures within one month!  We just restocked their shelves again.  

Presently we are receiving orders from people around the country who received the Timeless Treasures Cookbook as a Christmas present.  The comments and numerous re-orders are a huge blessing from the Lord.  You can read some of them on the newly updated website for Timeless Treasures Cookbook -

For those of you who have contributed a recipe, please get your free Capitol Cookies recipe book from the middle school office on Besgate Road.  This 56 page booklet, about 6” x 9”, has cookie recipes from every state capitol and Washington DC !   

In order to accommodate Mother’s Day, anniversaries and graduations, we are reprinting Timeless Treasure.   Please contact us with any typos or needed corrections to be made.  If you have a favorite recipe which you would like to be included in this new and final update of the AACS cookbook, please send us your recipe(s) soon to our e-mail address or to any school office.  

Finally, Thank You, Thank you, Thank You!!!  For your prayers, purchases, words of encouragement, magnificent recipes, notes to go with your recipes, help with the Buffet Banquet, and so much more!  There is no question that without your help, input and prayers this project would never be so successful.  Additionally, if your church or group would like a “Tried and True” fundraiser, we are offering the purchase of 150 cookbooks at a discount for your profit!  The details are on - .  

Thank you for your time in reading this update.  Please remember, Valentine’s Day is coming soon, and there are many Terrific Chocolate Recipes in the Timeless Treasures Cookbook!  You may want to consider purchasing your Mother’s Day cookbook now since we may run out before then. You can get copies at any of the AACS campus offices ($20.00).  We encourage you to forward this e-mail to others.  Let them know of this wonderful cookbook for themselves!  May the Lord bless you in His abundant Love and Grace!!  And thank you again so very much!!  

In Jesus’ Palm,

Crystal Bowers

Colossians 3:23,24   

Taste and see that the LORD is good; Blessed is the man who takes refuge in Him. Psalm 34:8 

Timeless Treasures Cookbook has more than 1,100 recipes on over 770 pages!  

Award winners, Blue Ribbons, Chef Dishes, Family Legacies, 

and International and Hometown Favorites!  

Get yours today at AACS  ~ $20.00. 

 Details at -

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