God's Word Is Alive!



Seen on local cable stations is the TV show God's Word is Alive! hosted by Crystal Bowers


What is the TV show about?

            Who produces it?

                    Can I get a DVD or CD of the show?

                            How can I get involved?  


The TV show God's Word is Alive! is produced in different forms. 

There is: 

    The reading of the Bible. Currently only the Book of John has been read in its entirety. What makes this show unique is that you can read along with Mrs. Bowers since each Bible word is listed beneath her picture on the screen. This is to encourage and have the listener comfortable in reading the Word of God for themselves.  

        The teaching of the Bible by topic, such as Communication or Worship.   

            The teaching of the Bible broken down verse by verse as exemplified by "Hold_to Truth"  and the many lessons on Messages, or this simple teaching for children Luke 2:41 - 52

                And presenting Bible studies such as Hannah

If you do not get God's Word is Alive!  on your local cable station, just let us know what station you want us on and we'll try to bring it to you. You can reach us on our Comments form. 



God's Word is Alive! is a production of Billboards for Christ, Inc.  The financial policy of Billboards for Christ, Inc. is found at policy.  The details about Billboards for Christ, Inc. can be found at What is BFC? . FYI, no one receives any compensation at all, not the cameraman nor Mrs. Bowers. BFC is joyfully run by volunteers, servants of the Lord Jesus Christ! Colossians 3:23,24  


 Can I get a DVD or CD of the show?

        Yes! Just let us know on the topic of the show you saw. For example, "The Book of John chapter 8" or "The study of Communication part 3". 

        Place your order through our post office box. Please be sure to include you name, address, and the phone number or email address where you can be reached so that we can confirm we received your order or to answer any questions we may have about your order. Please include $10 per show, which includes shipping. 

        Checks should be made out to: Billboards for Christ, Inc. 

                    and mailed to: PO Box 27, Chester, MD 21617-0027 


How can I get involved? 

Three equally important ways:

        You can donate. 100% of every donation goes directly into making more shows, DVDs, and CDs to get the Word out. No person gets any compensation for their services. Funds only go to the physical production tools needed. (2 Corinthians 9:6-8) Please see our policy. 

        You can ask local cable stations to air this show. The stations can be in your area or not. The goal is to spread the Word of God: Evangelism and Discipleship. Matthew 28:18-20

        You can pray fervently (James 5:16) that whoever watches God's Word is Alive!  grows closer to the Lord Jesus Christ in knowledge and trust of Him and in more faithfully committed love of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Our ideology is exemplified on www.NeedHope.net and  www.BillboardsForChrist.org .  



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