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            Crystal Bowers has given many retreats in the past several years.  Mrs. Bowers knows and teaches the Word of God in a truthful and authentic manner, stressing that Christianity is relationship with the living God, the Lord Jesus Christ.  Crystal Bowers consistently encourages others to trust and rely on God's Word and His Holy Spirit for sustenance, guidance and much more so that life will exude from God in every area of your life, and overflow on to others.  

            Mrs. Bowers has given retreats and taught for many different church bodies:  The Methodist, Presbyterian, Roman Catholic and Non-denominational churches, just to mention a few.   For details on one recent retreat, see Brochure or Description


What people are saying

Hi Crystal, It was nice talking with you the other day.  You are truly an inspiration....  Please keep me posted on future retreats, etc.   God Bless, Andrea 

        I love you and miss you! God is using you in a mighty way. Come by and see me sometime. God bless for His Glory. Love Ginger

  Mrs. Bowers, I really, really want you to come and speak in homeroom and/or chapel. Love you. Annemarie ~ ~ ~  "In every victory let it be said of me, my source of strength, my source of hope is Christ alone."  

         Dear Crystal,  We are blessed to have you as a prayer warrior!!! Thanks so much for doing this!   Christine 

Hello, Crystal!    THANK YOU VERY MUCH for inviting me on the retreat … I wanted to also THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for praying with me last May - you KINDLY REACHED OUT to me and I am so very GRATEFUL to you for that!! -- I just want you to know that I TRULY appreciate you extending your faith, kindness, and a hand of God’s love to me!!  Fondly, Mary Catherine

                            Dear Crystal,  ... I think you have excellent leadership qualities, which I admire.   Silvia   

Crystal, You have blessed up mightily, not only with the delicious pie, but also with your wonderful friendship!  Thank you-


Notes From some of the Recent Retreat Women

Praise God for you! Love, Debe           I love the way you love Him and us!  Blessings, Peggy

You are so filled with His Spirit!  What joy bubbles forth from you.  Thank you for inspiring me.  Nann

                Thanks for a heartfelt Spirit-filled message.  God's blessings on your ministry!  Sheila 

                                You have truly blessed us!  Ruth   

    It was nice hearing the Word from you.  I learned much and I will take it to others.  Susan

            Thank you for a fun weekend.  Joanne             Crystal, you are always a blessing to me, Silvia

Thank you for reminding me of God's purpose for us.  Dorita

                        You have been a blessing to us.  May Jesus direct your future endeavors.  Helen  


Mrs. Crystal Bowers has been teaching God's Word to children for many years.  Recently she was asked by the middle school children of a local school to have a "Growing and Knowing Club", that is, Growing in Christ through knowing God's Word.  The group met for one lunch a week for the school year.  Here is are some notes that were given to her last May -     We all love you so much!    We hope you can do this next year!   ...with the Acronym below. 

M. - Motherly

R. -  Relaxing Carefully

S. -  Sincere

B. -  Bountiful

O. -  Open

W. - Wonderful

E.  - Exciting

R.  - Rejoices in God

S.  - Super  


Crystal's Personal Note -

            It's a joy to know and love people in and through God's Word.  I would be honored to bring the alive and personal Word of God to your group or church body.  Just let me know from the Comments page!   God's Blessing to you!     

In Christ's Service, Crystal Bowers   Col. 3:23,24  Psalm 34 


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