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  Details of Our Group going to CreationFest 2014

        Our Group is called The Bereans. We are various Christians from a several states, including Maryland, USA.  Our mission is to encourage, edify, and enjoy each other in our relationship with the living God.  We choose to have fun with each other, appreciate each other's gifts, and rejoice in our Creator!  

        While at CreationFest, each person's time is their own. They can come and go as they please, seeing shows, taking hikes, enjoying fellowship, praying, etc. We enjoy eating meals together, but it is not a requirement. 

Time Frame

CreationFest 2014 is from June 25 - June 29, 2014, Wednesday to Sunday. 

    Buy your tickets early since they are cheaper the sooner you buy them. You may buy our discounted tickets. (Our price is cheaper since we buy them early and in bulk.) 

    $99 covers our camp site which is closer to the main stage, has a private porta-potty, includes all the concerts (http://creationfest.com/ne/lineups/) http://creationfest.com/ne/tickets/event-tickets/

    Volunteering makes it even cheaper. ( http://creationfest.com/ne/get-involved/volunteer-at-northeast/

     Join our group early, invite people you'd like to be with or who you think would be blessed by such an awesome event. Notify your employer, family and friends, and reserve your space!!  - We look forward to hearing from you soon.


Cost of Going

Tickets this year are $99 per person with our group discount. Buying tickets at CreationFest can be as high at $120.00 which does not include a private potty.  Our tickets include a good spot for camping and admission to all of the live concerts, speakers, and activities for the full time of CreationFest. (http://creationfest.com/ne/tickets/event-tickets/

Option, want to volunteer for Creation?  It will double your fun and lower your ticket price! You can volunteer part or full time. 

Hot Showers - You can buy one ticket for a week of hot showers ticket for $20 at http://creationfest.com/ne/tickets/event-tickets/  Non-heated showers are always free.  

Food     Each member is responsible for their own meals. Here are the options: 

    Several families voluntarily make dinner for everyone. (Of course there is no charge.) Others prepare their own meals. Most bring homemade or store bought food to share. Generally, we gather together for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but this is Never a requirement. Most meals are good home cooking served buffet style.   

    There are food vendors on site. Most people bring their own cooler. A few bring a stove to prepare meals. Be sure to bring all the snacks you want. 

We supply -    Marshmallows and skewers for roasting on the open fire during our stay AND the Private Porta-Potty only for our group AND the Water and Lemonade Coolers.   

    We all must follow CreationFest's rules and dress code

Camaraderie  is free of charge, however, it is very Valuable!!  Bring your guitar or other musical instruments, your voice, your tambourine, your humor, your insight, your problems, your joy, your heart, your self!!!  We'll have a great and valuable time!    I always thank God for you because of His grace given you in Christ Jesus. 1 Corinthians 1:4



        Please pay by check or money order to:  Crystal Bowers, PO Box 27, Chester,  Maryland 21619 

        Please be sure to include a contact phone number. We will promptly send you your tickets, parking pass and other forms you need to enter and enjoy CreationFest 2014! (For details, see Cost


What should I BringHere are some ideas: 

A cooler.          

    Your favorite snacks and baked goods for breakfast and dinner. 

Marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers, & skewers for more smores. 

    Water guns, spray bottles, buckets for feet, water balloons. 

Lantern or flashlight for nighttime.  

    Games and cards to play together.  

Books to read, a pen and notebook,

    Tent and tarp or camper, sleeping bag with a cushion underneath if desire, blanket & pillow.  

Bottled water to drink. 

    Umbrella, rain poncho,

Bathing suit for showering, bath towels, soap, shampoo, and deodorant.  


Personal folding chairs and

    Sneakers, sandals, sweater, hat/caps, sunscreen.  

Guitar and/or other musical instrument.   


What Chores may I do when we are there?  

Because we are a group, we will chip in and help each other. Many hands make light work and more fun! 

In teams of at least three people, and at least once during that week, you may - 

1.      Get fresh ice for our coolers. 

2.      Refill the drinking water for the coolers. 

3.      Place a tarp on the concert hill, reserving our spot for the shows. 

4.      Help at mealtime as needed. (optional!!) 

6.      Empty the trash bags 

Miscellaneous other questions -   http://creationfest.com/ne/compass/festival-info/ 

Recovery Programs - http://creationfest.com/ne/compass/festival-info/#48  The Creation Festival is all about changing lives and glorifying our Creator. Our prayer for Creation is that people will be changed, restored, and challenged to serve the Lord and to make a difference in this world.

Survival Guide - http://creationfest.com/nw/wp/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/youth_leader_survival_guide.pdf 

Directions - CreationFest is located at 17512 Rapture Street Shirleysburg, PA 17260. You can try http://www.mapquest.com/ for directions. 


How To Participate with our group  >> Inquire, sign up, and prepay!! See Information form.

Dress Code        -   Leaders, Chaperones and Parents: We need your help in enforcing this policy -- our staff cannot do it alone! MODESTY is the key word. While the style and fashion these days seems to be "less is best," we do not want to be guilty of causing another person to stumble. Girls: Bathing suits are NOT permitted, except in the showers. Clothes must be put on over your bathing suit for the walk back to your campsite from the showers. Tank tops are fine but bellies must be covered (even though the fashion now is to show it off). Shorts and/or skirts need to be long enough and shirts big enough. Guys are not exempt from the dress code: SHIRTS (and shoes) MUST be worn by all at all times. (http://creationfest.com/ne/compass/festival-info/#13)

Payment: Please pay by check or money order to:  Crystal Bowers, PO Box 27, Chester,  Maryland 21619 

Bring me to the Information form

NOTE- Prices are subject to change due to Creationfest. 


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